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Cognitive Brain Training

One-on-one instruction 

Online & In-person sessions

Competition in schools and the workforce have never been higher. Brain Synx is here to help you excel in both. Research proves cognitive exercises can strengthen focus, attention, problem solving skills, and overall improves an individual’s IQ. Increase your cognitive skills with one of our cognitive programs. 


Advanced Placement Classes, Gifted and Talented Programs, and advanced curriculum in each grade are becoming more competitive each year. Let Brain Synx help you achieve your goals in grade advancements through tutoring. Our cognitive trainers will teach concepts, while using practical examples to help you better understand the material.  

School Assistance

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) testing is right around the corner for your child. Brain Synx can help prepare your child for these tests. Enroll into a STAAR preparation class, tutoring, or school support program this Fall.


We wanted to give our daughter advanced learning and improve her math skills, while building her confidence. She has improved from a B+ to an A+ and her attention and focus has improved a lot. In one month, we noticed a change in her attitude. Her grades improved in two months. Brain Synx definitely helps my daughter to focus and improves her confidence level.  –Mr. Wijaya

How we can help!

How we can help!

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