Why Music Lessons at Brain Synx?

Music Lessons at Brain Synx allows your child to strengthen their cognitive function by our Music, Math and Mind program. Each lesson is designed to increase creativity and play, while learning theory. Your lesson will be the fastest way to learn an instrument and develop higher cognition. 

Brain Synx music lessons start with the instruction about learning how to play instruments safely. The biggest threat for your child, while learning music, is Music Induced Hearing Loss (MIHL). Brain Synx provides training to their instructors on ways to reduce and prevent MIHL and collaborated to construct and design sound proofing measures to protect your child and our instructors.


We are leading the way for music schools to prevent MIHL and recommend you ask your music school how they protect your child from the irreversible damage from conducting music unsafely. If they don’t have a standard or instrument tools to prove they are not damaging your child’s hearing, we recommend you immediately find a new music school and we are excepting new students.


Brain Synx representatives have talked to owners of music schools in Southlake and here are some of the most alarming responses from the owners:

  1. “What is music induced hearing loss?”

  2. “No one has complained about it.”

  3. “We don’t allow our own children in our center, it is up to the parents.”


These are three examples of the negligence and disregard music schools have towards their concern to protect your child’s hearing. Remember MIHL is permanent and if your child is playing in a small space or with headphones they are likely being exposed to MIHL, if precautions are not being taken by your music school. Brain Synx’s number one priority during each music lesson is to prevent MIHL.


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Dr. James Pinto

A musician, educator, performer and artist with an extensive career in music. He recorded 2 independent albums in Gaither Studios. He was accompanied by a band and a mass choir Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.
He has been teaching for 35 years and has coached hundreds of students, who are now performing
around the world. He also published a book titled Key Sounds in the Arts & Entertainment and co-
authored an anthology titled Speak of the Mountains.

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